One of world’s largest solar plants plan to produce …You guessed it.. oil

A rendering of the 36 glass modules containing the solar-powered steam flooding system being built in Oman. In a real case of strange bedfellows, one of the largest solar plants in the world is being built in Oman to boil water for use in oil production rather than to generate electricity. The plant, dubbed Miraah […]

‘It’s the end of energy and transportation as we know it’: View info & video with Tony Seba here.

Changing the automotive industry ‘Mild hybridisation’ the way forward for manufacturers needing to build greener cars. Within just 15 years conventional energy production and transport will have been rendered obsolete by the revolution taking place in batteries, solar power and electric cars. The startling thesis by energy disruption guru and Stanford University lecturer Tony Seba has been around for […]

VIDEO: France to pave 1000km of country’s roads with solar panels

COLAS – Wattway – route solaire @ Magny-Les-Hameaux (78) – © Joachim Bertrand Pioneering solar road panels said to offer same grip as a typical road will provide clean energy for street lights, homes and businesses France’s environment agency has announced it will engage in an ambitious road building program that will see almost 1000km […]

GET THIS>US town rejects solar farm after residents say it would suck up all the sunlight

Climate deal will spur investment: Kerry US Secretary of State John Kerry says the global climate accord reached in Paris will spur massive investment in American technology for renewable energy. World leaders in Paris may have lauded the future of renewable energy, but in small-town America, all that solar hocus-pocus is still viewed with a healthy […]

Billionaire Manoj Bhargava to make people driven energy generators for the poor – Video shows

For billionaire Manoj Bhargava (like many other people), the world is a place full of problems. Between poverty, pollution, food growth, and access to water, the list seems to be ever growing. That’s why he’s recently pledged to spearhead a group aimed at giving away all their billions to turning things around for mankind. Here’s […]

Breakthrough rectenna converts light into DC current video shows

Rectifying antennas – “rectennas” – are used as parasitic power capture devices that absorb radio frequency (RF) energy and convert it into usable electrical power. Constructing such devices to absorb and rectify at optical wavelengths has proved impractical in the past, but the advent of carbon nanotubes and advances in microscopic manufacturing technology have allowed […]

Car Runs For 100 Years Without Refueling – The Thorium

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New York City’s first solar-powered underground park coming closer to a reality

The Lowline is prototyping new solar tech in hopes of turning its underground park dream into a reality. Haven’t heard of the Lowline? Same concept as New York City’s Highline, but as its name suggests, it’s underground—and way more impressive. The initiative aims to convert an abandoned 1900s underground trolley terminal in the Lower East Side into […]

Tesla’s new battery is in most respects a great thing Video presentation you tube

From reducing power bills to revolutionising our dependence on fossil fuels, people are expecting big things from Elon Musk’s latest offering. “We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun”: Elon Musk talks up solar’s potential at the launch of Tesla Energy. Photo: YouTube Billionaire Elon Musk is in the business of […]


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