Combined wind, solar and storage energy park to be built in Queensland

Kennedy Phase I is expected to meet the electricity needs of 35,000 average Australian homes(Credit: Tesla) Windlab has announced that construction will soon start on a combined wind, solar and battery storage facility at Kennedy Energy Park in north Queensland, Australia. Kennedy Phase I is reported to be the world’s first utility-scale, on-grid wind, solar and battery […]

Tesla Powerwall: Australian 2016 Pricing Number Crunch and Payback Times

Back in May, 2015, the payback figures for the Powerwall were calculated based on an assumed Australian cost and example electricity prices. Now there are local installed costs available, we havec  recalculated and gone over the numbers. The question is, can the Powerwall give an acceptable payback period? Check out our previous numbers, or catch […]

Eguana lords it over Tesla

Bob Moriarty discusses a tiny Canadian technology company based in Calgary with an award winning battery/power converter that is more powerful, more portable and easier to install than the Tesla equivalent. THANK YOU BOB Distributed Storage Between 2014 and 2024 solar/wind power systems or Distributed Energy Storage Systems (DESS) are predicted to increase some sixty-fold […]