Australia’s biggest wind farm comes to the Sunshine State Queensland Australia

By 2019, 123 turbines will be spinning 453MW of energy at Coopers Gap Wind Farm, between Kingaroy and Dalby in Queensland. The announcement on August 17 of Australia’s biggest wind farm is the result of creative collaboration and supple engineering solutions. GE will supply and install 123 turbines for the farm,  owned  by the Powering […]

Australia surpasses Norway and Canada for renewable power projects

Investment in Australia’s renewable energy strategy has increased five times over since 2015, a report has revealed. The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) has published a paper detailing progress towards the country’s 2020 renewable energy target (RET). More than $4 billion was committed to the effort last year, which in time will add more than 2,000 […]

Construction of first US offshore wind farm due for completion in 2016

The Block Island Wind Farm is expected to produce around 125,000 MWh of electricity annually. Last year saw construction begin on the US’s first offshore wind farm. The 30-MW Block Island Wind Farm will be located about 3 mi (4.8) off the coast of Block Island in the US state of Rhode Island, but its […]

VIDEO: France to pave 1000km of country’s roads with solar panels

COLAS – Wattway – route solaire @ Magny-Les-Hameaux (78) – © Joachim Bertrand Pioneering solar road panels said to offer same grip as a typical road will provide clean energy for street lights, homes and businesses France’s environment agency has announced it will engage in an ambitious road building program that will see almost 1000km […]

Dutch Student Team To Build The World’s First Car Powered By Formic Acid

The scale model of the Eindhoven student team that drives on formic acid. Credit: Bart van Overbeeke Building a car that is powered by formic acid. That is the ambition of Team FAST, a new student team from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). Since formic acid can store hydrogen, an environmentally-friendly fuel, it has more […]

GET THIS>US town rejects solar farm after residents say it would suck up all the sunlight

Climate deal will spur investment: Kerry US Secretary of State John Kerry says the global climate accord reached in Paris will spur massive investment in American technology for renewable energy. World leaders in Paris may have lauded the future of renewable energy, but in small-town America, all that solar hocus-pocus is still viewed with a healthy […]


ELON MUSK BILLIONAIRE EXTRAORDINARY TESLA ENERGY ON ELECTRIC CARS Published on 10 Jun 2014 Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) — “Bloomberg Risk Takers” profiles Elon Musk, the entrepreneur who helped create PayPal, built America’s first viable fully electric car company, started the nation’s biggest solar energy supplier, and may make commercial space travel a reality in our […]

Tesla’s new battery is in most respects a great thing Video presentation you tube

From reducing power bills to revolutionising our dependence on fossil fuels, people are expecting big things from Elon Musk’s latest offering. “We have this handy fusion reactor in the sky called the sun”: Elon Musk talks up solar’s potential at the launch of Tesla Energy. Photo: YouTube Billionaire Elon Musk is in the business of […]

Apple looks greener than ever with new renewable energy-powered data centers

We’re creating more data than ever before – YouTube receives 300 hours’ worth of video uploads every minute – and all of those 1s and 0s have to be stored somewhere. With this in mind Apple’s €1.7 billion (around US$1.9 billion) European data centers, which will be powered entirely from renewable energy sources, show a […]


WORLDS LARGEST WIND FARM ALMOST READY TO GO ON LINE Bloomberg profiles the London Array Project, a US$2.6 billion wind farm that is ready to power half a million homes. Construction started four years ago in July 2009. The kick off ceremony was last week in Kent where Prime Minister David Cameron who lauded the […]