Recycled Grass Clippings Could Perhaps Heat Your Home

A British renewable energy company intends to use grass from abandoned fields and meadows as a fuel source. The gas that heats your home might come from the grass beneath your feet, at least if British renewable energy company Ecotricity is successful. Ecotricity, one of the world’s first renewable energy companies, is building a ‘green […]

Science is now One Step Closer to Using Algae for Bio-fuel

A breakthrough by a team of scientists makes algae a potentially viable source of biofuel. The world is trying to wean itself off of fossil fuels. It’s vital we reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible in the next few decades, and many countries, states, cities, businesses, and people are committing to that goal. […]

Light and quantum dots turn plants into clean usable hydrogen as fuel

Scientists have been sprouting new ways to cleanly produce hydrogen as a fuel source Hydrogen is often touted as a clean fuel source, as its use in cars only produces water vapor as a byproduct. The truth is though, that producing hydrogen in the first place can often be a process that relies on natural […]