Ford Is Planning a Huge North American Electric Charging Network

Dwarfing Tesla’s and any electric vehicle will be able to use it, the company says. Ford will launch the largest electric charging network in North America and any electric car will be able to use it. Once complete, the network will nearly triple the number of Tesla charging stations currently available in the same area. […]

Combined wind, solar and storage energy park to be built in Queensland

Kennedy Phase I is expected to meet the electricity needs of 35,000 average Australian homes(Credit: Tesla) Windlab has announced that construction will soon start on a combined wind, solar and battery storage facility at Kennedy Energy Park in north Queensland, Australia. Kennedy Phase I is reported to be the world’s first utility-scale, on-grid wind, solar and battery […]

Construction of the world’s biggest Li-ion battery completed in Australia

The 129 MWh Powerpack system is the largest Li-ion battery storage project in the world(Credit: Hornsdale Wind Farm) Back in March, Tesla’s Elon Musk promised to have a proposed battery storage system at the Hornsdale Wind Farm in South Australia up and running within 100 days, or he’d foot the bill. The project clock started […]

Toyota to build megawatt-scale renewable power and hydrogen fuel plant in California

Hydrogen produced at the new facility will be used to fuel the Toyota Project Portal heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell Class 8 trucks at its Long Beach Port facility At the Los Angeles Auto Show, Toyota has announced it will build the world’s first megawatt-scale carbonate fuel cell power generation plant with a hydrogen fueling station in California. This […]

Google’s Nuclear Fusion Project Is Finally Delivering a Pay Check

The research scientists netted a 50 percent reduction in energy loss, taking us that much closer to a future of unlimited clean energy. Nuclear fusion, the process the sun has used for billions of years to fuse atoms of hydrogen into atoms of helium, could be the pot of gold at the end of the […]

Tesla installing world’s largest battery at South Australian wind farm

Tesla and the South Australian government have partnered to demonstrate energy-storage technology by installing the world’s largest lithium-ion battery on the Neoen Hornsdale Wind Farm. Elon Musk’s pledge to build the world’s largest lithium ion battery within 100 days or it will be free seems too good to be true, but is it? Tesla has […]

World’s largest second-use battery storage unit prepared for grid connection

The second-use battery storage unit will be connected to the grid in early 2016 As electric cars come towards the end of their life, they create a set of problems that you simply don’t get with petrol cars – namely, getting rid of the batteries. Automotive giant Daimler is doing its bit to tackle the […]

Eguana lords it over Tesla

Bob Moriarty discusses a tiny Canadian technology company based in Calgary with an award winning battery/power converter that is more powerful, more portable and easier to install than the Tesla equivalent. THANK YOU BOB Distributed Storage Between 2014 and 2024 solar/wind power systems or Distributed Energy Storage Systems (DESS) are predicted to increase some sixty-fold […]

Fastidiously engineered Ford Eco Blue diesel promises big fuel savings

Ford’s EcoBlue diesel has been designed to save fuel and deliver more power from the top down. Ford’s EcoBoost gasoline engines have found favor in everything from Fiesta hatchbacks to the almighty Mustang, but the fuel-saving tech is yet to make its way into the brand’s diesel engines. Until now, that is, because Ford has […]

Here Is the Tesla Model 3 electric car at last

The long-awaited machine has finally arrived. Sort of. Thursday night at the Tesla Design Studio in Hawthrone, CA, Elon Musk revealed the Tesla Model 3 to the world. Promised back in summer of 2014 as a $35,000 EV that would be accessible to far more drivers than could afford previous Teslas, the 3 is here. […]