general-icon-redIn today’s world of high and expensive energy needs, there needs to be other options for us to utilize in securing more facilities providing the power we need to drive our lifestyles.

The world or fossil fuels has controlled the worlds main enrgy needs and still does-being all but a little deminished, and still all powerful.


Fossil fuels have provided a much needed resource to the masses for many generations and still will for time to come yet.


However we have been exposed to many more energy and fuel resource options over several decades and now alternate fuelled mechanisims are being produced on a mass scale , be it all but in a smaller way than the fossil fuel driven systems.


Our aim here is to present to you other ways of driving and supplying your energy requirements and supply you with as much information as we can gather for you to make an informed decision.


If you are simply a individual with the basic needs of a world citizen end user or a corporate type with a need for energy options on a larger scale or evenĀ  a scientist who needs to keep up with the latest technology on fuels and energy alternatives, then you will benefit from the info we will gather for you over time in this site in an easily accessable format.


Some corporations in the resources and manufacturing aspect of energy require data to update their skills and knowledge in a timely fashion.


We are not intending to present the information in a purely technical way.

These forms of scientific detailed reports and papers can be accessed from links we will supply over time and elsewhere.

A user friendly presentation of the information sourced is our intent.

Hopeful that you will enjoy the journey we will take you on and encourage you to forward us energy articles that would compliment the sites flavour and intent. Your links to web sites and emails can be backlinked with us and we encourage you to submit your link details for exchange.

We have catergorized the various styles of energy and fuels available and will add to these as we become aware of them. Can you add some as well.?

Trusting for your article input and use of the site.


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CEO – Energy Options


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