Everything You Should Know About Nuclear Fusion, Explained in just a few Minutes

A colorful primer on one power source that maybe could change everything as we know it in power production.

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Fusion power is the holy grail of energy production. Short of building some sort of Dyson sphere around the sun, it’s the cleanest, most efficient source of power we could hope to achieve. The only catch is that is expensive, complicated, and hard.

Fusion reactors, which are not yet good enough for commercial use, can be nightmarish tangles of technology that are damn near impossible to fully understand. And that’s because maintaining the plasma required to make a sustained fusion reaction is incredibly challenging.

Just knowing how it works and wanting it really bad was enough to almost make it happen

You’ll probably never understand the complicated ins and outs of fusion power, but there’s no reason not to understand the basics, and this terrific video from Kurzgesagt covers them, quickly, colorfully, and well.


Henry Sapiecha

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