Why Samsung’s Note 7 crisis could soon assist in solving the problem of poor battery life

The recall could provide researchers with a huge batch of potentially faulty batteries that could be tested to improve battery technology in the years ahead Most accidents caused by smartphones are caused by distracted drivers or pedestrians. But a phone that bursts into flames – as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7s have been doing – comes […]

Electric Vehicles Could Be Standard By as early as 2030

By 2030, electric vehicles may account for two-thirds of all cars on the road in cities in developed countries, a report released Tuesday says. The increase in EVs can be pinned to lower technological costs, consumer interest in ride-sharing, and tighter regulations on emissions. The report, by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and McKinsey & […]

Beer Byproduct being used by researchersTo Create New Battery

Breweries’ sugary wastewater is great for creating fungus-powered fuel cells, it is said. University of Colorado Boulder researchers have converted brewery wastewater into battery power. The process uses biological organisms cultivated in the water to make the carbon-based materials required to create cells that store energy. According to those involved in the recent study, the […]

World’s largest second-use battery storage unit prepared for grid connection

The second-use battery storage unit will be connected to the grid in early 2016 As electric cars come towards the end of their life, they create a set of problems that you simply don’t get with petrol cars – namely, getting rid of the batteries. Automotive giant Daimler is doing its bit to tackle the […]

One of world’s largest solar plants plan to produce …You guessed it.. oil

A rendering of the 36 glass modules containing the solar-powered steam flooding system being built in Oman. In a real case of strange bedfellows, one of the largest solar plants in the world is being built in Oman to boil water for use in oil production rather than to generate electricity. The plant, dubbed Miraah […]

Solar-powered smart outdoor pole keeps commuters powered-up and surfing

The Mito was designed by Art Lebedev studio at the request of Verisun Smartphones have made it easier than ever to keep occupied while commuting, but all it takes is a dead battery to make for a tedious waiting game. A recently installed piece of street furniture in the Turkish city of Istanbul, however, lets […]

Smartphones Flexible battery from Panasonic

  On the back of a recent story about Samsung patenting a bendable OLED display for smartphones, Panasonic is rumoured to be developing flexible lithium-ion batteries designed for the smartphone market. One of the roadblocks to creating a flexible battery has been the ability for it to retain its charge as it’s bent out of […]