How smart is the solar Smart Plan?

The solar Smart Plan is a simple way to get predictable low daytime solar energy rates for $0 upfront. From how it works to how it helps you save, here are the smartest parts of the solar Smart Plan.


Solar Smart Plan simplified.

The solar Smart Plan is different to­­ buying a solar system outright to install on your roof. With a solar Smart Plan, the system is installed and owned by AGL – stress and hassle free.

Put simply, the solar Smart Plan is like having a mini power station on your roof – where you buy the solar electricity it produces during the day for a low rate, instead of buying it from the grid at a higher price.


The energy rates offered start from 12.1c/kwh, plus all solar Smart Plans are only seven years, so you can enjoy predictable low daytime solar energy rates for years to come.

Making the most of the sun.

Converting to a solar Smart Plan is a great way to help save on your power bills each year. But just how much will it really help in the long run?

Well, by switching to a solar Smart Plan, you could save hundreds. Those savings could be used on anything from a family holiday to a new TV, or groceries and school fees.

On top of this, AGL will look after the health of the system, maintaining and monitoring it so the panels will always perform at their best and you don’t need to worry about claiming on warranties or maintenance.

Keeping it flexible. 

The solar Smart Plan is designed to be flexible and meet your needs if your circumstances change. When you sign up for the solar Smart Plan it gives you predictable low daytime solar energy rates for seven years, but doesn’t lock you into the plan – your options are always open.

When your plan is up, you can choose to roll it over and keep saving, or make the final payment and AGL can transfer the system to you as per the terms of the contract.

If you move house and don’t want to buy the system, you may be able to transfer your plan to the new owners so they can start saving too. However, if you decide to exit that’s fine as well – you only need to make a final payment.

AGL solar Smart Plan can help people save with predictably low solar energy rates, while helping them live more sustainably.


Henry Sapiecha


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