Brilliant street lighting, the Smart City’s new nervous system


Eyes on stalks! This graphic representation shows how GE is enabling streetlights, an essential civic service, with intelligent sensing capabilities that minimise city power bills and simultaneously make cities more liveable.

Well, how happy will you be to be directed via GPS or smartphone to the nearest available parking space, to have streets optimally lit at every time of day, and, potentially, to pay ‘lighter’ council rates?

Intelligent-Cities_graph image

As the world turns on to LED fixtures for superior public lighting, sensor-laden plug-ins for those new fittings will monitor localised ambient light, weather conditions, pollution levels, traffic flow, parking availability, emergency situations and potentially many other factors that impact people’s lives and decision making.

Using existing lighting infrastructure, GE has already connected cities such as San Diego and Jacksonville to the Industrial Internet, and is supporting the development of programs that will rapidly analyse the collected data. Programs built on GE’s Predix platform may then automate responses—such as dimming lights late at night when traffic flow declines—or trigger alerts that allow city staff to inform, safeguard and delight citizens.


Henry Sapiecha


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