Liquid hydrocarbon fuel created from CO2, water & sunshine in breakthrough one-step process

UTA researchers (L to R), Mohammad Fakrul Islam, Frederick MacDonnell, Wilaiwan Chanmanee and Brian Dennis, whose research is a first in producing usable liquid hydrocarbon fuel from sunlight, water and CO2 (Credit: UTA) As scientists look for ways to help remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, a number of experiments have focused on employing […]

VIDEO: France to pave 1000km of country’s roads with solar panels

COLAS – Wattway – route solaire @ Magny-Les-Hameaux (78) – © Joachim Bertrand Pioneering solar road panels said to offer same grip as a typical road will provide clean energy for street lights, homes and businesses France’s environment agency has announced it will engage in an ambitious road building program that will see almost 1000km […]