5 facts you didn’t know about wind energy

Renewable technology is part of the changing energy landscape in Australia and New Zealand. In celebration of Global Wind Day we are sharing some of our favourite facts about wind turbine technology and its impact on Australia’s energy future.

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Wind Fact 1

Wind power now supplies 3.4% of Australia’s overall electricity needs, this is twice what it was 5 years ago.

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Wind Fact 2

At the end of 2012, there were 1,397 wind turbines spread across 62 operating wind farms in Australia. Plus one small wind farm located in the Australian Antarctic Territory.

The tip of a1.5-77 wind turbine, taken from 80.5 metres in the air. image www.energy-options.info

The tip of a1.5-77 wind turbine, taken from 80.5 metres in the air. Photo by @markerictrent.

Wind Fact 3

South Australia has the most wind farms of any Australian state. A quarter of its electricity was produced by wind energy in the 2012-13 financial year.

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Looking down the inside of a GE wind turbine.

Wind Fact 4

In Australia, wind energy has accounted for approximately 38% of all renewable capacity installed since 2000.

A wind turbine creating clean energy.

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A wind turbine creating clean energy.

Wind Fact 5

New Zealand has 17 operating wind farms. These wind farms supply approximately 4.5% of New Zealand’s annual electricity generation.

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A turbine’s silhouette.
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