Short skirts and fender benders

Do wandering eyes lead to traffic accidents?

A British insurance company says so — they say they have the numbers that prove men are destructive pigs. In fact, the company — Sheilas’ Wheels — says accidents among men rise when the short skirts come out.

A company survey finds that 29 percent of men say they’re distracted by short skirts and revealing tops. To which I say… bull! One hundred percent of us are distracted by them — but apparently, 71 percent had a wife or girlfriend present when they answered the survey.

Sheilas’ Wheels also says that in 2009, men made 16.4 percent more insurance claims in summer than during any other time of year… and that around 25 percent of men say they had either a summer crash or near miss over the last five years, compared to 17 percent of women.

Now, if you think “Sheilas’ Wheels” is a funny name for an insurance company, you’re right. It’s an insurance company aimed at women… so naturally, the men-are-pigs approach to marketing will appeal to its clientele.

And hey, maybe we are pigs.

But the numbers here don’t really prove anything. Women are always commenting on how other women are dressed — so how many of them are distracted by short skirts? How many men and women are distracted by other things, like puppies, clouds or the radio? How many men are on British roads versus women?

So there’s not a lot of science behind this one. But maybe it’s true — I know I’ve certainly turned my head to gaze at a pretty gal, and a short skirt might even get a second look.

But let’s be fair here: Maybe male drivers are distracted by pretty gals. But on the other hand, I’ve never seen a man put on makeup while driving.

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha

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