Canada looks to utilize wind energy

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick (UPI) — Energy companies in Canada’s Maritime Provinces say they are studying ways for their customers to help them utilize wind energy more efficiently.

Wind power is environmentally friendly but unpredictable compared to carbon-fueled sources of electricity, which are always available as needed, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Friday.

A $32 million Power Shift Atlantic project is intended to recruit consumers to help solve the problem by developing ways to use wind-generated power whenever it is available.

“So what we’re looking at is being able to manipulate customer usage, whether it be refrigeration, or air conditioning or process-related,” said John Gaudet of Prince Edward Island’s Maritime Electric.

“So like if the wind blows in the middle of the night, potentially processes could be operated in the middle of the night,” he said.

Power Shift Atlantic wants 2,000 commercial and residential customers to take part in the pilot project.

Researchers at the University of New Brunswick are studying wind patterns in the region to determine peak wind-generation times, so customers will be able to plan their power usage.

The project is also looking at systems that will provide power with minimum inconvenience to the customer.

“Can we control customer apparatus at these times so we can turn them on, use that electricity, and turn them off when the wind isn’t blowing, all without the need to consult or inform or contact the customer?” Gaudet said.

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