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Energy efficient lighting e-Bulletin

On 21 July 2010 QWESTNet held its second lighting forum in Brisbane. Held in association with

the Illuminating Engineering Society (ies), the forum focused on energy efficient lighting

technologies including LEDs, lighting controls and the use of daylight.

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ies Partner Presentation
Presenter:Gillian Isoardi
ies/University of Queensland
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Gillian’s presentation gives an overview of the role of IES and outlines the positive reasons

for businesses to pursue energy efficient lighting.  Adhering to best practices in lighting will

ensure an installation that meets the needs of all users. Further benefits can, of course,

be realised by lowering operating costs of buildings but also by improving the quality of

workspaces and the appearance of products.

LED: good, bad and best practice
Presenter: Gorana Jusufovich
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A brief discussion of some of the benefits and pitfalls of using LED

based lighting systems. How do LEDs compare to conventional light

sources; what to be aware of when selecting an LED based lighting product; and busting

some of the myths surrounding LEDs.

Facility management and lighting controls
Presenter:Lance Stewart
Creative Lighting
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Why do we need lighting control systems and what do we need from them?

Can best lighting practice be achieved under the Building Code of Australia

and what is good lighting practice any way? Lance discusses recent trends in efficient lighting

and control.

Daylighting and Greenstar
Presenter: Carl N Gray
MGF Consulting NQ
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A brief primer on daylighting as applicable in Queensland workplaces,

specifically what can and cannot be done with daylight? Why we should

do more; why we should be very careful about it; how it can be done; and who to ask.


Case Studies
Queensland Police Service fit-out
Presenter: Caitlyn Young
Norman Disney & Young
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The Queensland Police Service CBD facility fitout was completed

in 2004/2005. Utilising an Energy Conservation Systems (ECS)

lighting control system, occupancy based switching and daylight harvesting have

delivered an efficient lighting design and flexibility for future changes. The integration

of this system has led to a significant saving in energy and CO2 emissions.

William McCormack Place
Presenter: Carl N Gray
MGF Consulting NQ
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The Queensland Government’s newest office building located in Cairns

has attained ‘World Leader’ green status – the first outside of a capital city.

In line with the lighting engineer’s vision, an emphasis on real world

performance was placed before Greenstar ‘point scoring’ to achieve a highly energy efficient

yet highly comfortable building. Highlights include effective daylighting and shading, a novel

approach to daylight harvesting, direct/indirect lighting and the integration of ceiling fans.

Queesland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)
Presenter: Doug Brimblecombe
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Between November 2008 and March 2009, QPAC refurbished its major

theatres and public spaces for the first time since the centre was

constructed 25 years ago. This was an opportunity for QPAC to introduce

more efficient lighting practices without compromising the nature of the building and its use.

As part of the refurbishment, aged incandescent and large wattage fixtures were replaced with

LED and halogen lights. In the Concert Hall auditorium, the original 2500 watt profiles were

replaced with three-colour LED lighting and theatrical fixtures, each of 1200 watts.

These changes have minimised the amount of lights required to produce colour on stage,

while backstage, single watt LED bulbs have replaced 60+ watt ‘blue’ light circuits. One year

and three months after the refurbishment, QPAC is seeing energy savings which are expected

to improve with further work due to be completed by the end of 2010.

CitySwitch Program
Presenter: Mark Taylor
Brisbane City Council
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Brisbane City Council is partnering in a national office tenant energy

management program called CitySwitch Green Office. This program

gives your business: a structured process to improve energy efficiency

and operating costs; positioning and promotion as an environmental leader; networking

opportunities with like-minded companies; regular updates and resources.

Key elements to effective lighting
Presenter: Darrin Schreier
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Efficient lighting is something everybody appears to be looking for,

whether it be to meet legislated government criteria, to achieve a

Greenstar or NABERS rating, or to save money in the face of rising

energy costs. To achieve efficient lighting 4 key elements need to be addressed.

Energy efficiency regulation and quality lighting
Presenter: Steve Coyne
Light Naturally
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There are two levels of energy efficiency which have the potential to

affect quality lighting outcomes: energy efficiency of lighting product

and energy efficiency of lighting design. The type of regulatory tool

implemented for each can have a significant impact on quality lighting outcomes and

compliance levels. Whatever form the regulation takes, it is apparent that in the future,

quality lighting outcomes will require knowledge, expertise and training in lighting design

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