Lifecycle. Wind power generation from the roof top of your building

David Hare, who describes himself as an “environmental
entrepreneur”, owns 80 per cent of Windation Energy Systems
Australia – a would-be maker of rooftop wind turbines. (The
turbines’ American designer owns the other 20 per cent).
The missing piece is another investor to take him from
holding the Australian and New Zealand licence rights to
contracting a local manufacturer to, if all goes well, selling
turbines to commercial building owners.
But the 38-year-old’s “main business” is one he owns solely:
Eco Rebates.
As well as holding the Windation investment, Eco Rebates
advises homeowners and businesses on how they can save

energy and water. Its 60 assessors have been accredited under

the national Green Loans program (meaning the federal government will pay the $250 assessmen fee on homeowners’ behalf).
A vegetarian since he was 24, Hare’s entrepreneurism is even more longstanding.
His family’s engineering firm(Hare & Forbes) stretches back over eight decades. In his 20s his marketing helpedCentury 21 become Optus’ top mobilephone dealer in the 1990s.
The following decade he wenton to found his first business,, a computertraining company he sold in 2007.
Its sale seeded a series of propertyprojects, which fed Hare’s growing
awareness of how homes and buildingsadd to climate change. Eco Rebates
turned this awareness into a businessopportunity. In October, 2008, a headline
on technology website CNET – “Urban wind power inspired
by ancient Persia” – caught Hare’s attention. He immediately
made contact with the subject of the story, Iranian-born
Mark Sheikhrezai, who was installing his first wind turbine at
the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in California. Sheikhrezai
persuaded Hare to bring the idea to Australia.
The turbine, which generates up to 5 kilowatts of electricity,
is about the size of a commercial rooftop air-conditioning unit.
Hare says there is “quite a bit of interest” from local building
owners and power companies but says he needs the help of
the government (which subsidises rooftop solar panels but not
wind turbines), local industry (to bring the unit and installation
cost down from $30,000) and, of course, investors.
The green tinge of his newest ventures is no accident, Hare
says. “I am very passionate about making positive, constructive
changes globally.”.

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