Green Resources Group Limited (GRG) is a public holdings company registered in November 2009 with 3 subsidiary Pty Ltd companies:

The management team has conducted extensive market research, due diligence, feasibility study and strategic business planning prior to the launch of this organisation and its business model since mid 2009.

GRG wholly owns and operates the 3 subsidiary companies each responsible for a different operation catering for different market sectors. GRG’s core business is built around the latest technology in renewable energy – Solar Photovoltaic System.

  1. First Renewable Energy: First Renewable Energy is responsible for the sourcing, procurement and importing of a comprehensive range of solar products and supplies. FRE also conducts wholesale and distribution of solar photovoltaic panels and parts in high volume in both domestic and international markets.
  2. Inspire Solar: Inspire Solar is in charge of sales & marketing, supply and installation of solar photovoltaic systems for residential homes, strata management building, warehouses, schools and commercial buildings in NSW, the company will expand to QLD and WA in August 2010.
  3. Perpetual Solar: Perpetual Solar is the founder of the franchise system for retail solar shops Australia-wide. The product range includes Solar Photovoltaic Systems and a wide range of solar devices and gadgets. An online shop is in operation which complements the retail franchisee shops.


  • Successful procurement and importing of the full range of products/parts for solar PV systems
  • Experienced Industry Leading Management Team
  • Supplying the best solar panels in NSW (most advanced technology and A grade quality)
  • Procured Exclusive & None-Exclusive Distributorships for solar products.
  • Strong Government Accredited Installation & Operation teams – shortage of accredited installers only 100 or so in NSW.
  • Strong Sales, Operations team
  • Strong cash flow & finance backing


  • Fast exit strategy – IPO in October 2010
  • Minimal and managed risk
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • High but realistic ROI
  • Tangible asset base – $2 Million+ of land, plant, equipment, stock
  • Strong sales records
  • Aligned interest between shareholders & senior management team (All shareholders work in the business)
  • Zero debt, no gearing.
  • Strong finance backing & favourable trading condition for future stock purchase & acquisition.


Richard Sharp – Managing Director (Bachelor of Mathematics – Beijing University. Master of Business Administration – University of Technology Sydney)

Self-made billionaire (in today’s economical scale) by the age of 28.Experienced in founding business from the ground up to industry leading corporations.World-class visionary and entrepreneur.Extremely well connected with manufactories in China.

Leo Li – Chief Executive Officer (Bachelor of Computing Science – University of Technology Sydney)

Professional negotiator & charismatic leader with strong business acumen and all-round management skills. Experienced in Mergers & Acquisitions of domestic & international multi-million dollar projects.

Kenneth Norris – Group General Manager (Diploma in Marketing)

Over 30 successful years in the B2C market and is responsible for the creation and growth of the largest Home improvement companies in Australia.

Proven leadership and change management abilities that have a “Fast to Market” result which is paramount and critical to this fast growing new industry.

Green Resources Group is also seeking additional Board members.


Investor will be purchasing the shares in the Parent Company – Green Resources Group Limited which wholly owns and operate the 3 subsidiary companies.


Company will conduct an IPO and be listed on a suitable exchange platform on October 2010.


Leo Li (CEO – Green Resources Group)

M: 9748 3879 /  0410 566 862


Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha

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