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One of the biggest single technology stories of 2009 is that fact that China’s largest power station – the first PV in the country – will be developed by Enfinity which has won its first 10 MWp solar concession project.

The Dunhuang PV Project involves an investment of 200 million yuan (27 million euros), with an annual power production of 16.37 million kWh, and a franchised operation term of 25 years.

Back in March 2009 the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) planned an open tender to confirm the on-grid electricity price and technical solutions.

A total of 13 enterprises including major domestic power giants won the upper hand in the bidding, with tender prices ranging from 0.69 yuan/kWh (0.071 euro/kWh) to 1.9 yuan/kWh (0.196 euro/kWh). The joint bidding team, which was initiated by Enfinity, has won the project with the price of 1.09 yuan/kWh. CGNPC and LDK Solar are the partners on the bid.

“The project is expected to start construction within 4 months and has to be completed within the 18 following months”, commented Gino Van Neer, founder of Enfinity.

All PV systems will be PV tracker panels, installed on land. Enfinity is in the process of setting up the Dunhuang joint venture company and confirming the EPC contract. In the near future Enfinity will develop a total of 500 MWp of PV installations in the Dunhuang region.

“Winning this bid is an important milestone for Enfinity’s international expansion strategy and it will act as an entrance ticket towards the high potential Asian market,” a very proud Gino Van Neer told WIP.

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 18th July 2009


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