Heat & Biodiesel


Heat is needed during the biodiesel conversion process

for the following reasons:

1. Preheating your oil.
2. Heating your biodiesel during the settling process.
3. Drying water out of water-washed biodiesel.
4. Recovering methanol from biodiesel.

We have compiled a guide to heating systems here for you to be able to make

a more informed decision on which system is best for you. If you have questions

about any of this information call 1-800-679-1398.

The three main types of heating systems offered today are:

– Oil Preheating Systems.
– In-Line Heating Systems.
– In-Tank Heating Systems.

Oil Preheating Systems
Good For:
Pre-heating your oil.

May take up to 4 hours to reach optimal temperature.

Oil preheating systems are a safe traditional method of pre-heating the oil prior

to processing. The system conists of a steel drum with at least one thermostat

controlled barrel heater and insulation. This is a very safe method because there

are no heating elements in contact with the liquid. The standard Freedom Fueler

comes with this type of heating system.

In-Line Heating Systems
Better For:
– Pre-heating your oil.
– Drying water-washed biodiesel

– Requires a pump to operate.
– Cannot heat throughout entire process.
– Elements must be replaced periodically.

In-line heating systems are better than a pre-heating system but they have one

common flaw, they all require a pump to circulate the oil through the heater in

order for the heater to work. They are mainly intended to pre-heat the oil and

dry the water out of biodiesel that has been water-washed. With an in-line heater

using submerged elements, the user must remember to start the flow of liquid

before turning the heater on.

Note: All heaters have what is called a Watt Density. Watt density is the number

of watts the heater puts out divided by the surface area of the heaters element.

Our heating systems supplier recommends no higher than 30 watts per square

inch in the biodiesel process. All of our heaters have a watt density of 28 watts

per square inch.

In-Tank Heating Systems
Best For:
– Preheating your oil.

– Heating biodiesel during settling.
– Drying water out of water-washed biodiesel.
– Removing methanol from dry-washed biodiesel.

An In-Tank Heating System is the ultimate in biodiesel heating systems, with

the ability to maintain the batch temperature even if the temperature in your

shop drops overnight. Home Biodiesel Kits is proud to offer the only In-Tank

Heating System for home processors on the market. Each of our three

Deluxe Biodiesel Processors now come with our new In-Tank Heating Systems.

All three sizes come with sealed housings, a built in thermostat with high limit

controls preset for the biodiesel process and an incoloy sheathed element to

prevent corrosion.

The entire unit is built into the top of the processor ensuring no leaks and a

completely closed system. These heaters will allow you to heat your batch

throughout the entire process and will maintain temperature with a built in

sensor located in the center of the tank. Our custom heating units were

designed and built specifically for our tanks and the biodiesel process with a

watt density of 28. This is not an off the shelf product built for water or any

other purpose but a professionally made heater manufactured by the leader

in biodiesel heating systems. Call Jess or Ryan today to discuss our new

In-Tank Heating Systems or to order one of our Deluxe Biodiesel Processors

at 1-800-679-1398.

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 19th July 2009


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