Solis Energy Introduces Dual PoE Splitter/Injector

thesun_whiteSolis Energy, a global provider of continuous outdoor power generation and connectivity, introduces the newest product in its growing line of smart solutions – the Dual PoE (Power over Ethernet) Splitter/Injector (PSI).

The Dual PSI enables users to provide DC power to multiple outdoor PoE-equipped devices, including wireless access points, broadband wireless backhaul, and surveillance cameras.

img-mobile-camera-thAvailable as a complete system within an enclosure for pole-top applications or as a sub-assembly component for OEM installation, the product’s unique design allows two independent DC power sources to deliver 0V to 60V per PoE device. This PSI can also be used to separate the power from the PoE input to run a non-PoE device, such as an analog camera.

The Dual PSI can be powered from any standard DC power source, used with Solis Energy’s Solar Power Plants, Continuous Power Bridges,  or Outdoor UPS’s, which continuously power critical, low-wattage devices (typically 100 watts or less), wherever they are located, even where grid-supplied electricity is either unavailable or unreliable.


For applications that are not pole-top and do not require the complete PoE enclosure, Solis Energy offers the same Dual PSI as a sub-assembly component.  Engineered for fast and easy installation, the sub-assembly component mounts in an existing enclosure, either on the inside wall or DIN rail.

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 23rd June 2009


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