HAWE Hydraulics, supplier of controls to the mobile and industrial markets, announces the type KA power unit, the latest model in the HAWE Hydraulics product line.? The compact power unit type KA increases the service life of costly components such as gearboxes, rotor blades, towers and foundations by hydraulically controlling yaw and rotor blades. This reduces wear and tear on the braking function.? These compact power units mount next to an actuator making them an excellent fit for localized installations.

The hydraulic power unit consists of a tank with an integrated submerged motor, a radial piston or gear pump that is directly attached to the motor shaft (without a coupling) and a connection block. The modules are mounted directly onto the connection block.? In the event of a disruption to the braking module that may cause interference, the disruption can be identified and the module easily exchanged with no need to remove any hoses connected to the consumers.

All components are made of steel and therefore, capable of withstanding extremely high pressure.? The radial piston pumps can supply pressurized oil up to 10,000psi, while the valves are designed for pressures in excess of 5,800psi.? The pressure level of wind power plants is below 3,600psi, so the extremely durable pumps and valves are ideal for use in these installations.?

For safety reasons, the brakes of a wind power plant must be reliable at all times; therefore, HAWE Hydraulics uses leak-free directional seated valves.? These valves have a considerably higher switching reliability than the directional spool valves, as dirt particles are flushed out when the valve is open.? This type of design prevents silting that can occur and cause spool valves to stick.

The type KA compact power unit has been designed for maximum efficiency with minimal weight and space requirements and can be used either vertically or horizontally.? Three tank extensions allow for differing oil volume requirements.? Depending on the tank extension the usage volume can be increased from a minimum of two liters to a maximum of 10 liters.? The power unit can be operated with all voltages, including 690V and is also available in a “Cold Climate” version.

HAWE offers active and passive brake control, with or without a flushing function for the brakes and brake lines. Additional modules are available for adjusting the pitch, roof openers for the turbine pod, rotor lock, and control of on-board handling cranes.

Sourced and published by Henry Sapiecha 23rd June 2009


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